keeping it real

Salt of the Earth is a brand strategy consultancy.

Ours is a very down to earth approach to big brand thinking.

We love to forage for the nitty grittiest of human insights; the kind of colourful people stories that give marketing gurus and their creative partners the competitive edge. Using a range of cultural insight techniques, the ideas we create will help you build richer, deeper connections with your audience.

We're doing this now because we believe a new focus on relatability is key. 

It’s a moment of truth for Britain. Real people, real voices, feel unheard. The new Edelman Trust Barometer 2019 highlights that 6 out of 10 Brits feel “people like me” aren’t listened to. And it’s a moment of truth for brands. Life in the British Isles is morphing. There are interesting times ahead with new values, hopes and dreams emerging. A groundswell of new ideas worth listening to. And a host of brave new opportunities.

In our experience, great brands always find magic in the everyday: the space between big data and over-intellectual theory, let’s say.

That’s why we love to keep it real.

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