it's time to get real

Salt of the Earth is a brand intelligence consultancy.

Our business is ‘down to earth cultural insight for brands’.

As brand strategists, we love to forage for the nitty grittiest of human insights; the kind of colourful people stories that give brand owners, marketing gurus and their creative partners the competitive edge. Using a range of up-close and personal techniques from ethnography to semiotics to concept testing, the brand thinking we create will help you build deeper, earthier, more empathetic connections with your audience.

We're doing this now because we believe a new focus on relatability is key. 

A recent Trinity Mirror study shows a gob-smacking 42% of Brits have a growing distrust of brands and 69% distrust the advertising they create. In a recent article, It's Time it Get Real for The Marketing Society, we proffer a point of view as to why creative brand marketing appears to be losing its touch as we busily Google plan at arm’s length and bathe in warm sauvignon behind the research mirror.

Life in the British Isles is morphing, and we'll help your brand respond to that change. 

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